Sunday, 10 May 2015

Top 3 | Remedies for Under-eye Circles

So, whether you've been on the pull all night, to even the kids just keeping you busy. It's no secret that under eye bags and dark circles are like the scouse brow of our generation- unwanted. Lack of sleep, dehydration and stress are only a few contributors to those shadows of doom, and if you're after some at home remedies for treating them, look no further. These quick, simple and all natural ingredients will not only work wonders, but will only require a quick trip to either your kitchen, or local supermarket!

Such a cliche I know, but hydration is key when it comes to skin care. By drinking your daily dose of water, you're not only fueling your body and detoxing it, but hydrating your skin at the same time. In some cases, under eye circles occur through dehydration and toxins from using cosmetics and products everyday. This remedy is definitely a no-brainer that won't completely banish your dark circles, but will help to prevent dehydration and gradually reduce the appearance of them. 

The old tales of a cucumber. Something you see in movies accompanied by a mud mask and white robe, but never actually tried yourself. Cucumber rounds can be used as natural eye pads, that work to hydrate the sensitive skin under your eyes, reduce puffiness and replenish those dull bags. Light some candles, run a bath, get your cucumber on and have a snack at the same time!

Almond oil is said to be one of the best ways to reduce and treat dark circles, but why? This fabulous source of vitamin E, is best served organic and absorbs into dehydrated under eyes like a dream. The nutrients in this carrier oil work best, when massaged into the skin to help improve circulation. Using essential oils are an all over plus when it comes to beauty, but if you do in fact have allergies, then why not try extra virgin olive oil? 

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I will have to try this! Gemma xx