Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet Review

We have ALL had that moment where even though we don't need to, we get the urge to purchase yet another perfect red lipstick; unless you're a straight male of course. It doesn't even matter if we already have it, we just need a new one. This moment for me was meeting my boyfriend's extended family. Red lipstick may not seem like a big decision, but for me after one tall glass of Captain Morgans and Coke- hello joker, goodbye white long line blazer. I needed something rich in pigment, matte (my preferred finish) and smudge-proof. With all of this in mind I roamed my local Superdrug and came across Rimmel's matte version of their Apocolips Lip Lacquers- finally a reasonably priced take on the velvet lip trend of 2014. Don't have £13 spare to spend on Lime Crime Velvetines, or even a pricey £26.50 for the luxurious Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro? Then go ahead and try this bad boy. It retails at a reasonable £6.49 and what makes this even more exciting is the fact that it is almost always on offer! When I purchased these little gems it was 2 for £1- now everything in Superdrug is 3 for 2! What are you waiting for?

I have to say, Rimmel isn't my usual go-to when it comes to daily visits in Superdrug, what with their clone mascaras and orange toned foundations, but these are truly something else. The packaging first off, stems away from anything Rimmel have done before in all it's matte galore! The formula is so unbelievably moisturising that it knocks the MUA Luxe Velvets straight out the park and the applicator was simply made to manoeuvre around any lip shape or size!

Rimmel Lip Velvet 'Burning Lava' £6.49

Above all the choices of red lipstick available I purchased this one. It claims to be a 'weightless liquid colour' with a 'velvety smooth finish' and I can safely say; it is everything and more than that. I am so pleased that I purchased this red for the occasion of meeting Josh's family, it's stain power is beautifully strong and vibrant. The liquid formula didn't completely set but wasn't uncomfortable or sticky on the lips and surprisingly (unlike the MUA Luxe Lip Velvets) didn't dry out on the lips but in fact kept them moisturised throughout the evening. 'Burning Lava' is a beautiful red that is somewhere in between a deep and brick red- a perfect red lip for this Autumn/Fall. 

Rimmel Lip Velvet 'Meteoric Mauve' £6.49

This colour has already become a favourite of mine, it is absolutely stunning on the lips and is going to be a fabulous dark berry shade for the Autumn/Fall. Applies beautifully on the lips; smooth, creamy and leaves the lips looking not only moisturised but velvety. I wouldn't say that these provide a matte finish, but more a velvet one. I've actually worn this colour on quite a few occasions since purchasing and it has lasted longer than 5 hours but of course, needs re touching after a meal. The packaging in comparison to the original Rimmel Lip Lacquers is more chic and structured, and is also matte. I will definitely be purchasing more of these and recommend this product to everyone that loves a good matte lip; Rimmel provide both striking and every day colours in this range and cater to all different races. 

Wearing : Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet 'Meteoric Mauve'
WARNING: Although I found this formula to be lightweight and sustainable, it has been said to bleed on a more mature or dry lip.

SOME TIPS ON HOW TO PREVENT BLEEDING: (in regards to makeup of course)
  • Ensure that your lips are moisturised.
  • I know its a pain in the arse, but using a lip liner before applying your fab shade will help to prevent bleeding.
  • That old school, Marilyn type of blotting. A complete no brainer, it can stop lipstick from being too heavy for the lips and also stop it transferring onto our pearly whites. 


  1. These look so lovely, I'm so desperate to get my hands on one! x
    Ellie |

    1. They're fab! Just wish Rimmel would out with some more colours! x

  2. Wow, clever name for a lip line. Not too sold on the bleeding part though. But cute!