Saturday, 11 April 2015

Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser Review

It's no secret that under-eye circles are the bain of every woman's life- along with large pores and grey hair. It's so important to not pack on, and over-apply product under the eyes, as the skin is very thin and sensitive in that area. If there's too much going on, the skin will generally crease, cake and look like crap. If you are tired of those stubborn dark circles, and need a little pick me up- look no further.

Despite this product having different names, it is in fact an all-time favourite as far as drugstore concealers go. It works perfectly for tired, dry and dark under-eye imperfections, AND retails for a cheap and cheerful £7.99. The formulation of this little gem is light but in no way sheer. The coverage is build-able making it brill for all your skin's desires and most importantly, blends like a dream. This is in no shape or form, a correcting concealer, if you are looking to correct dark tones under the eyes, this isn't what you're looking for. It does however, work well to brighten under the eyes and helps with uneven tones and shades around the eye area. Not only is it creamy, but also is long-lasting and gentle for your delicate little peepers. Maybelline claim that this "next generation of concealer" is formulated to reduce fine lines in appearance, and cover your dark circles flawlessly. The recipe to this product calls for Goji Berries, which apparently enrich the formula and hydrate your eyes- who knew? I can't disagree with any of this, it keeps my under-eyes hydrated and bright for hours, and also is great for popping into your purse. My product has seen better days and isn't exactly brand new, but over the last couple of months, this 6.8ml baby bottle has lasted me months with so much product left in it! 

Lets talk about the applicator...The only two faults I have on this bad boy is 1) the lack in shade range, and 2) the bloody applicator. Now in Maybelline's defense the sponge/ foam applicator is so soft upon the skin, and comes with a trusty plastic lid, BUT it's just so unhygienic. When I think about all the germs that this innocent sponge picks up, I cringe but it does in fact distribute the product evenly and well. Although this concealer is not freelance friendly, (unless you use a brush) it is outstanding for the price, available in your local drugstore and highly recommended by bloggers and product experts. If you're yet to find an affordable concealer that you adore, definitely try this!

-  Brightens your under-eyes & perks up your whole face.
-  Blends flawlessly, helping to reduce fine lines.
-  Long-wearing and light.
-  Build-able coverage, ranging from light to medium.
-  Perfect for on the go makeup application (tote touch-ups).

-  Lack of shades, doesn't cater to darker skin tones.
-  Unhygienic applicator, collects germs and product build-up.


  1. I love this stuff! It's lightweight, but covers so well!
    xo, Lauren-lee