Saturday, 27 December 2014

Poundland Make-up Gallery Review

So, if you're not Tyra Banks or the best paid Youtuber then cheap make-up is always a must. After a week of being unimpressively poor; Poundland became my second home and whilst roaming the hair and beauty/ tacky jewellery aisle, I found their brand spanking new cosmetic range. They have everything- lipsticks, nail varnishes, foundations and powders, blushes, bronzers etc. I selected a few bits and gave them a two week trial before reviewing them for you now. I chose products that I could sporadically incorporate into my everyday make-up routine and shucks, did they fit in.

(left to right) 'Sand' & 'Natural Beige'.
Hide & Chic Concealer, £1
Let's start with the concealers. They read "Hide and Chic" which is just fabulous in itself. It replicates those Miss Sporty type concealers that you used to buy as a teen and if we were to really dig into this product, you would understand that concealers like this are fairly unhygienic on reapplication but this product does have very nice coverage, blend-able consistency considering it's a cream product and if you are looking for the perfect shade for under the eyes. 'Natural Beige' is your bae. Talking of shades, there are very few complexion shades in this range- four to be exact, and they are all for light skin tones. I found that the Make-up Gallery range not only lacks in variation of shades but the longevity of this product isn't the best and although the coverage is fab, I do find myself needing to re-apply the concealer. My overall verdict which will pretty much be the same for every product in this range is... It's a £1 so you honestly cannot complain.

(left to right) 'Honey Beige' & 'Natural Beige'.
Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder, £1
With both Youtubers, Vogue and Cosmo raving about this product I needed to try out more than one shade. I've found that when you use a brush with this light to medium coverage powder, there is a lot of brush fall out and powdery smoke BUT if you use a powder puff, this product is a dream to work with. It mattifies the skin with a little coverage and isn't cakey or heavy on the skin. Again, the shade thing is an issue, there are again only four for this product- and they are all light. It doesn't quite compare to my holy grail MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation, but it does have potential to be a purse staple for blotting throughout the day. £1? You can't beat it guys. 

(left to right) 'Coral Rose', 'Candyfloss' & 'Spice'.
Feeling Blush Blusher, £1
Okay I'm gonna try and not get too emotional about these because I have actually fallen in love. They have the perfect amount of pigmentation that gives you such a natural glow and they come in four very complimentary shades. They all have a matte finish apart from 'Coral Rose', which has a very subtle frost one when swatched. Guys, these blushes aren't quite as pigmented as your standard MAC blush but are actually a very similar finish to the Benefit Box Blushes- possibly a dupe? They are only 1 squid, you have nothing to loose in the hope of rosey cheeks and a natural glow. If you are going to try at least one of the products then I would say it has to be these!

Never-Ending Story Lengthening Mascara, £1
I read online that at the Poundland Make-up Gallery Launch, they claimed to have designed this cosmetic range in order for it to exceed and compete with other affordable drugstore brands such as Maybelline and Rimmel, however this mascara has left them completely defeated. Okay, so yes it's a £1 and you can actually tell this from using the product. With a standard fibre mascara wand, this product exceeds it potential in packaging but it's downfall is the formula. When first opening this product it was about as dry as a nun's vagina. I dipped and shaked in the hope of finding more product- nothing. Upon application my lashes were left limp and lifeless- yes lifeless. Such a shame because the packaging is fab but definitely a miss on this product!

These are only a few of many products in this range and with the exception of one mishap, overall I'm sending you all some positive feedback. I'm actually quite late on the band wagon for this, but as always, I wanted to give you guys my true opinions after actually using the products for a while. I just think that these are definitely worth a try and for only a £1, come on guys?


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