Friday, 2 October 2015

Make-up Gallery Pro Liquid Eyeliner Review

When it comes to different types of liners, the industry is no stranger. Having given us gel, liquid and pencil of all variations- the choices are never ending. A product that undoubtedly, (whether you use it or not) is in every girls makeup bag; and for good reason. Liner of any kind can make your eyes appear larger, darken and draw attention to your peepers. Above all, adds great definition for any desired look. The question is, are we spending too much on liners that crack and fade?

 Undeniably, some of the greatest eyeliners out there are pricey, but who are we kidding trying to resist a £1 eyeliner? The Poundland Make-up Gallery Pro Liquid Eyeliner is petite, minimal in design and a great staple for the everyday fierce winged girl-or boy. The packaging itself is standard. Nothing snazzy, just a simple black plastic very much like the Collection liquid liners. With a lightweight feel, the brush is unusual; in a sense that it imitates a soft thin lip brush, and isn't your typical felt tip or dingy thin brush. Application is almost unthinkable- it's that easy, and the product glides on steadily even with the shakiest of hands. Despite the only downfall being the size, and amount of product you get. It's surprisingly very pigmented and works fabulously for both a thin or thick desired line. Coming from someone with reasonably oily lids- this absolute steal put up a good fight. With pigmentation, durability, design and the price point all in mind- you really can't go wrong!

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