Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ellen Tracy Thick Stick Lip Color Review

Ellen Tracy, more prominently known as a designer label that decided to dabble in cosmetics- and this is why she shouldn't have. The Emma Tracy Thick Stick lip color pencils looked beautiful at first. From the small and travel friendly packaging, the colours stood out and are actually very reminiscent of a cross between the Revlon Balm Stain, and Nars Velvet Lip Pencil. When swatched they were balm-like, glossy with slight shimmer, and the pigmentation was subtle but still visible (for some). At this point I appreciated that they were not a lipstick, but more of a tinted lip balm. When applied to the lips they were undeniably soft, with very minimal amount of colour pay-off. Upon application they were soft at first, but after a few seconds of being on the lips, the product had seeped into dryer parts of the mouth, and clung to them like icing to a doughnut. The lighter shades in this set were very similar in not only shade, but pigmentation- they were basically the same colour three times over, and did not compliment darker skin. The two red shades were slightly more manageable and pleasant, as they provided more pigmentation and definition to the lips. Overall these name-less bad boys are relatively moisturizing on the lips, but have a very unflattering formula with poor colour pay-off and shade range. They are pretty to swatch, but have no stain power or benefit- harsh but true.

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