Sunday, 1 February 2015

Travel Photo Journal | Venice, Italy

If hot, passionate Bellini loving wasn't enough, the phenomenal architecture was. Me and my partner travelled to Venice, Italy for three nights of pure bliss; this involved being in full-on tourist mode, eating our way into a Venezia food coma and bickering over who took the wrong turning. The weather throughout our stay was surprisingly sunny but definitely required layers- especially for the Gondola ride. Giving in to the selfie stick men and consuming endless amounts of coffee were only a few of the smaller perks that made the experience even better. One of our favourite moments was going into the Campanile, reaching the very top and being able to see pretty much all of Venice. It was every photographers dream and was made even more special through our exchanging of souvenir key rings. The bridges, boats and small pathway views were picturesque- as was all of the beautiful city and despite the cumilative amount of pigeons, everything was perfect. In regards to food, I aimed to try the typical Venetian delicacies- however my boyfriend was more than content with his red wine and 34 ounce steak. Pizza, gnocchi and vanilla cannolis were only a few culinary delights we tucked into, and my Spaghetti Lobster from Pizzeria Da Roberto was a meal made for the Gods- fresh and delicious! Our quaint and old-fashioned hotel sat perfectly amongst Cartier, Chanel and Burberry- window shopping galore. The near paths and small streets were beautifully lit with fairy lights that led us to St. Marks Square and Rialto, and in spite of the dropping temperature the ten minute walk to Rialto Bridge was packed with short panini breaks and €1 souvenir shops. Our attempt at seeing the different parts of Venice in only four days was impressive; we paced back and forth from San Marco to Rialto, getting lost in between and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  


  1. Look like you had a fabulous time, can't wait till we are there in June/July

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time, can't wait till we are there in June/July!!