Thursday, 15 January 2015

What's in my Make-up Bag?

The contents of a girl's make-up bag is not only sacred, but always fascinating. I love to see what other products people are using; whether it be a cheap foundation to Chanel Rouge lipstick- it intrigues me! So, in order to join the trend of beauty tags and tantalize my makeup loving readers, I give you 'What's in my Make-up Bag'. A simple but informative post on what makeup products are holy-grails in my large collection, and the reason they're permanently staples in my makeup bag.

Real Techniques Brushes - 'Nic's Picks' 
In all seriousness, I cannot live without these brushes. No shedding, no bullshit, just genuinely fantastic brushes that help to create flawless makeup. They not only give the Beauty Blender a run for it's money, but are the perfect size for your purse or makeup bag. The three pictured, are my favourites by far- they influence the result of perfectly airbrushed foundation, glowy cheeks and on- point brows. Funnily enough, the silver hardware of these brushes do not mark easily- even with the dirtiest of foundation fingers they are easily cleaned and scratch-free. Simply put, they are what every make-up bag is calling out for and cannot be beat with such a reasonable price tag. If you would like to see an in-depth review of these bad boys, then just click 'here'.

Makeup Gallery 'Feeling Blush' Blusher
Not only are these blushes dead cheap (£1 to be exact), but they are also beautifully pigmented, sturdy and a convenient size for any makeup bag. They apply sheer with just enough colour to result in pinched rosey cheeks and have very quickly become my favourite affordable blushes. The shades 'Candyfloss' and 'Spice' have a very natural effect on the cheeks and the colours slowly become more vivid with buildable application. To read a review of the Poundland Makeup Gallery Collection and see some products swatched, click 'here'.

Rimmel Apocolips Matte Lip Velvets
Some have raved about them, others have said they're utter bollocks. I personally love everything from the texture, finish to even the applicator! The colours are both suitable for everyday wear to night time glam and keep the lips moisturised throughout wear. The packaging gives off a very modern chic vibe that looks fabulous when being pulled out of a purse. These aren't the only colours in this range, but if you would like to see swatches and a review of this product then click 'here'.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder 'Sunny'
My go-to bronzer of 2014 that has saved my pale winter skin from looking dull. The shade 'Sunny' suits my yellow-toned skin perfectly and creates a beautiful glowy effect in conjunction with a good highlighter. I also have been religiously using this product as an easy transition colour for the crease. It automatically adds a certain warmth to the face but maybe isn't ideal for contouring, due to it's slightly orange tone. Overall for such an affordable price, NYC's 'Sunny' beats MAC's 'Refined Golden' by a landslide. 

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus 'NC30'
Items in my makeup bag always come and go, but one product that has, and will remain in my makeup bag and purse is this powder. It is a holy-grail for me and has fantastic coverage as well as a remarkable range of shades to suit every skin tone. If you're not used to a fuller coverage powder then this may not be for you, however it is perfect if you have problematic skin. When applied to the face, this product is light in weight and isn't too heavy on the skin. If you have an oilier t-zone or overall complexion, this powder is a great purse staple to have. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation 'Light Beige'
Perfection in a bottle- something I have been using for a good couple of months, and is now one of my all-time favourite drugstore/ affordable foundations. The formulation is light on the skin with a sheer to medium coverage; fantastic for a dewy finish. Over the months it has helped to correct my uneven skin tone, and I've actually noticed that my complexion looks a lot better since using this foundation. It helps with redness on the cheeks and chin but concealer is needed for extra coverage on any blatant blemishes or imperfections. I am yet to do a review of this product, comment below if you would like to see one.

The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter 
This creamy, pink toned highlighter not only catches the light perfectly on the face, but is so versatile. It can be used before your foundation, mixed in with your foundation, or just as your bog standard cheekbone highlighter. It blends brilliantly and adds a sheer iridescent shimmer to the face. I was actually surprised at how much I love this product, it's also now a staple in my kit because it works so well with so many different skin tones. 

Wet 'n' Wild Twist-Up Blush Stick '724'
I am always on the hunt for a beautiful highlight product, so when I came across this little gem in a Kempton Market makeup stall, I couldn't resist. Wet 'n' Wild isn't typically a brand you come across very often in the UK; so I was pretty excited for this, and I had every right to be. Although it's on the heavier side, it blends like a dream and will leave your cheek bones glowing- if you can get hold of it. The colour is very much on the golden spectrum of highlighters, and unlike the Body Shop highlighter, adds a champagne touch to the skin. 

Makeup Gallery Hide & Chic Concealer 'Natural Beige'
Like the blushes mentioned previously, this concealer hasn't been in my makeup bag for very long, but is spot on for blemish application and re-applying throughout the day. The formula is creamy and not too heavy for under the eyes. It blends nicely but isn't all that in the long lasting department. It's perfect to have for re-applying and is an easy purse staple for those angered red blemishes. 

MAC Zoom Lash 
A mascara that has always been a personal fave, although it has only recently made it's way back into my makeup bag. It separates my naturally long lashes, creating length but not a lot of volume. The formula isn't too heavy or too watery, but it does need a few minutes to dry without catching onto the lid space. The packaging is matte and chic- perfect for your purse. The brush itself isn't ridiculously large but actually quite small, it fits onto the eye nicely which results in fluttery, long separated lashes. 

Miss Sporty Dr. Balm 'Honey Moon Kiss'
I'm usually a Carmex girl, but these cheap, tacky and fun lip balms have a lovely tint of colour to match even your most drying lipsticks. They are petroleum jelly based which doesn't leave much room for moisture but this dark pink/plum shade adds the perfect amount of colour to the lips for a more natural everyday-wear look. 

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner 'Black'
In my opinion, one of the all-time best drugstore liquid eyeliners. The formula is both shiny and long lasting on the eyes- especially the waterproof version. When it comes to packaging, Collection (previously Collection 2000) have hit it right on the nail with their cute and simple design. The felt applicator is short and firm- perfect for those who struggle with applying eyeliner. This product has never dried out on me, and lasts a good amount of time for someone who wears eyeliner everyday.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and are having a fabulous week!
What's in your Makeup Bag?


  1. You have such a cute Make Up Bag! ^ ^

    1. I'm obsessed with it, even though it's kinda large haha. Thank you so much for reading hunny!