Friday, 16 January 2015

Revlon Brow Fantasy Review + Eyebrow Routine

Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Brow 'Dark Brown' 

Over the years, eyebrows have slowly but effectively become an important trend for both the catwalk and at-home selfies. Cara Delevingne sent the media into a spiral with her thick and dark brows, and slowly after the beauty community was overwhelmed with new brow products. According to Cosmopolitan "Brows can totally make or break your beauty look", and I completely agree. Eyebrows have the power to frame your face, compliment your hair and often pull your whole make-up look together. There isn't really such thing as a 'Perfect Brow'- work with what you've got and avoid the scouse brow at all costs.

Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil & Brow 'Dark Brown', £5.00
This 2-in-1 product not only is on offer at the moment, but is everything you could possibly want in an eyebrow product. Let's start with the pencil side- a formula that isn't as pigmented as an eyeliner, therefore perfect for soft, natural application to the brows. This pencil makes replicating hairs a piss-easy job and glides on beautifully to fill sparse and imperfected areas. The gel side is really what makes this product- the formulation of the gel is nothing heavy, sticky or extremely pigmented. When it comes to gel brow brushes, this has to be one of my favourites, simply because it adds colour and structure to the brow hairs- and it's just the right size. Despite just sounding like your basic, standard brow product, this baby is long-lasting and doesn't give your brows that stiff finish that can often result from brow gels. Pencil and gel duos, in my opinion get no where near enough praise for their performance- and it's about time they did. For travel friendly purposes, and as a purse staple you can't really go wrong with a reasonable and affordable price of £5. Besides receiving numerous compliments on my brows since using this product, it has also helped to keep my long-haired brows tamed and in place all day-everyday. The only thing left to fault this brow-saver, is the lack of product you are actually getting. Revlon have been a tiny bit stingy, but how can you complain with such fabulous results?

I was thankfully blessed with naturally good eyebrows but don't let this fool you, a lot of thread was sacrificed in the making of these bad boys. Threading was introduced to me at a fairly young age and is how I got the shape just right. Over the years I have over-plucked, needed to pluck and bodged them up on more than one occasion, but now I just let them blossom until they really need doing! When grooming them myself, I thread the area above the brow and then pluck stray hairs below. After this I use eyebrow scissors to trim any longer hairs, and then smother them in a moisturiser or serum of my choice- Cocoa Butter usually does the trick. You will see in an upcoming post what order I do each aspect of my face but for now, all you need to know is that my brows are done after my foundation. I begin by using the pencil side of the Revlon Brow Fantasy and lightly fill in sparse areas, and imitate hairs very softly to create a natural brow. I then follow this up with the gel side of the product, and run this through the whole of my brows to lock them in place and add a more brown tint to my nearly-black brows. If I've really messed up whilst plucking and need to fill them in a bit stronger, I will always use MAC 'Cork' eyeshadow with my Real Techniques Nic's Picks Eyeliner Brush.

So, as you can see the pencil really helps to add a fuller look to the brows- nothing over the top or rachet. I have focused product mainly on the outer part of the brow, if you add too much colour to the front of the brow, it will almost always look unnatural. Of course there are no rules to make-up, if you want scouse brows- you do it girl. What are your opinions on brows?

What are some of your favourite brow products?

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