Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Real Techniques Nic's Picks

When it comes to brushes, Real Techniques have been getting it right since their first release in 2011. The notably affordable and chic looking make-up accessories have intrigued almost every girl around the world and have somehow overtaken MAC and Sigma Brushes in the space of nearly three years. The brushes do not shed after washes, they are unimaginably soft to touch and blend any product to a T. This set comes with a generous (for the price) but yet standard five brushes. The packaging is beyond professional; perfect for anyone with a kit and look pretty fabulous on my make-up table. The contrast of metallic silver with a matte black grip area work brilliantly- let's break it down shall we.

Cheek Brush (Set Exclusive):
My new holy grail foundation and powder brush, although it would work just as fab for contouring and applying cream products. It has not only become a staple in my personal make-up bag, but also in my kit- this brush is the reason I bought two of these sets; don't judge me. The synthetic hairs are incredibly soft but firm, allowing fluid and cream products to blend deliciously. I don't even know the whereabouts of my beloved Beauty Blender anymore- that's how in love I am with this tool! It's a fluffy dream that puts any other foundation brush to shame. 

Duo-Fiber Face Brush:
This baby fits perfectly in the make-up category of anything cheeks. Contouring, blush and even highlighting are made more natural when using this brush; it distributes product evenly and again- blends like nobodies business. This whole duo-fiber bollocks doesn't usually tickle my fancy but when using this brush for powder based products, it genuinely does affect the blending and application. An effortless face is easily accomplished with this tool- bravo!

Base Shadow Brush & Angled Shadow Brush (Set Exclusive):
So, when it comes to the best blending brushes, these are pretty much on par with our all time fave MAC 2'17. The quality is splendid and this shows when working with both eyeshadow and concealer. The Base Shadow Brush in this kit is your standard dome shaped blending brush, it is somewhere between the MAC 2'17 and 2'24. It gives an airbrush finish when used in conjunction with concealer, and blends eyeshadow beautifully in the crease. The Angled Shadow Brush in this set was simply made for applying and blending colour into the outer-v. It is again, soft and can be used for anything; concealer under the eyes, brow bone highlighting, crease blending and as I said, outer-v application. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the infamous MAC 2'17 then look no further. 

Eyeliner Brush (Set Exclusive):
One thing that almost always seems to disappear is my eyebrow brush, so before I found this amazing set I was on the hunt for an affordable one. The hairs are short and firm which results in precise distribution of colour, and really helps to feather out and blend those areas of the brow that you don't want to be as harsh. I am yet to try this brush with eyeliner but I have applied eyeshadow to the lower lash line with and it works fabulously! 

Did anyone else get this December bargain? Does anyone not like it? Overall I am so beyond pleased with these brushes that I as I said before, I actually bought two! One for myself, and one for my kit. Real Techniques are actually just coming out with their 'Bold Metals' Brush Collection as I write this- if anyone has them yet, what are they like? I love the shape of them!


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