Wednesday, 10 December 2014

New Years Eve Make-up: Rose Gold Edition

2014 was a solid year girls. We did well! A couple of wine-infused rosy cheeks and the all-too-common, yet completely deserved, weekends off that no doubt led to 'horror movie prop' faces thanks entirely to the hangovers from hell. But overall, we looked great throughout. So let's start 2015 as we mean to end it again, this time next year- looking HOT. Embrace this New Year's Eve with a brightening, smoky-glitter look that will change your everyday neutrals to a face that will get you a midnight kiss, and prepare you for the biggest night out of the year. Seeing as Rose-Gold was such a popular trend this year gone, I thought I would include it in this look and here's how to create it.

  • Start with the eyes, glitter is a tricky business- as is fallout. Prime the eyes with a base that gives a correcting coverage but will also allow the eyeshadow to hold in place. For this look I used MAC 'Painterly' Paint Pot; it is an absolute delight for redness and veins on the lids. Next you'll want to grab your favourite transition colour for the crease, I used NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer 'Sunny' which is also what I used to contour with! Blending is key for something this heavy, once you have that transition colour in place, take a slightly darker shade of brown and run that through your crease- remembering to blend, blend and.. blend. 
  • Next apply 'Shag' by Urban Decay on the lid followed by a gorgeous Rose-Gold glitter. The mess-of-a-product I used is a glitter by OCC in 'Beige' which is most definitely the prettiest colour I have ever seen BUT is an absolute pain in arse to apply, because of how fine it is. The only thing left to do is add some dimension to the eye and smoke it out with some black eyeshadow in the crease. Take the medium brown shade you used after your transition colour, and apply that with a fluffy brush to the lower lash line of the eye.
  • Finish the eyes with a nice coating of mascara and you're nearly ready..
  • The brows will frame this whole look, so go with something fierce but nothing verging onto a scouse brow. Imitate the hairs lightly with a precise brush and pact down the your product when filling in the brow. 
  • For my model I used the Maybelline FITme Foundation which provided a more natural finish that I added coverage to with powder. On a night like New Year's Eve long lasting make-up is essential so powder will be a purse staple! Concealer under the eyes will ensure brightness under the eyes as will a lighter powder in the same area. To the cheeks I contoured for a photo-ready face and applied MAC 'Pink Swoon' to the apples of the cheeks. Seeing as the eyes are mainly glitter, it's important to keep the cheeks matte because a blush with shimmer would just be a hot mess. 
  • The final part of this make-up look is the lips. I applied a beautiful pure pink lipstick to my model's lips in order to draw attention to the eyes and compliment the glitter. MAC 'Angel' lipstick was perfect for this!

So, hope you guys have enjoyed this! Let me know what you think and follow, like, share.. blah blah! You know the drill. Have a fab week guys!x

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