Friday, 18 September 2015

Makeup Essentials for Starting Uni/ Freshers

Starting University will be both the greatest and most difficult change, in your life yet as a young-adult. Whilst many of you will be worrying about what washing detergent to buy, or trying to find the cheapest non-stick pan, for now you should be looking forward to Freshers. If you're looking for the perfect reason to top-up your makeup bag, starting uni is a great excuse. Here are some makeup essentials that will help you slay university- beauty wise of course. 

If you're anyone from a typical selfie queen, to a self confessed Facebook document-er then a full coverage foundation is going to be essential, for your nights out. Think about it? All that sweat and flash photography in the clubs will not do anyone justice. Something with a durable or long-lasting selling point, will work fabulously to tame an oily appearance, and keep you looking flawless. Concealer if already isn't an essential for you, will become one. A holy grail product that will not only contribute to flawless makeup, but will help hide a multitude of sins the morning after. Those late nights and early morning seminars will catch up with you, but you'll definitely have your lecturers fooled, with a light-weight brightening concealer in your makeup bag. 

Say goodbye to the likelihood of waking up early, having a nice hot shower and plenty of time to get ready. If you're anything like how I was, everything will be a rush- especially in the mornings. After a night out and an early seminar start, dry shampoo will become very important to you, as will makeup wipes. It's like a cheat hair wash and facial cleanse, nothing wrong with that right?

This will be the perfect chance to venture out, and experiment with your makeup. You know that orange lipstick you've always thought was too daring? Go for it. A bright lippy can perk up your overall look, and add a little something extra to any outfit. The MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers come in an array of colours, particularly those that are bright. The formula is a matte finish, and might even have the durability to last on your walk of shame home. This is the perfect opportunity to come out of your shell, and be whoever you want. Why not start with your lipstick?

There's no denying that you'll want to look good for freshers, but taking only one pair of your favourite £7 lashes won't get you very far. If you're a constant lash user, then bulk sets of lashes will become life-savers after messy nights that involve your face on the floor- or near a toilet. Powder is of course a no-brainer and a clutch staple. It will help to set your foundation, and then touch-ups will provide coverage all night long. The MAC Studio Fix Powder is pigmented and is great for blotting.

Whether this means drinking water to save your skin, or moisturising when you get the chance. All the alcohol, late nights and risque clothing in cold weather, can start to effect your complexion. Nobody likes dry patches/ cracks in their skin when putting foundation on for a night out (it's happened to the best of us). 


  1. I move in next week so this is great! Keeping the shine down is so important, you really don't wanna be the gross looking one haha

    Anna | aforvogue

    1. Good luck! Yes, don't forget your powder :)

  2. I'm not a student but these are all still essentials in any makeup bag! The lashes especially :)

    Kirsty xo |

    1. Yes! I'm loving these Eldora lashes at the moment!