Saturday, 6 September 2014

Bootea 14 Day Teatox Review -

What is it about herbal tea that causes an immense amount of expectation and also makes us believe we are going to shit ourselves skinny? I started my Bootea experience with high hopes and after paying a dear £20 for tea, I wanted to create the best possible results in combination with my diet and exercising.

Before starting my Bootea Teatox, I was drinking 2-3 cups of green tea everyday alongside my diet/ healthy eating and exercising; it was working out really well for me especially because the green tea helped my nerves before bed, helped to boost up my metabolism and essentially, helped to cleanse and detox my body on a regular basis. The first week of my Bootea experience went very slowly, the ingredients are natural and without a doubt had very replenishing purposes as well as detoxing ones; but my gosh, the taste (to me) was dreadful. The night time tea bags are not quite as horrible because they have a slightly minty aroma and taste from the ingredient of peppermint. I had only recently managed to make myself like and drink green tea, so as you can imagine trying a new and even stronger tasting herbal tea was very difficult for me. I tried to be fairly strict with my healthy eating and exercise, I drank my tea as instructed; in the morning and before bed. I also read online that during a detox, meat contains toxins that the body will be trying to get rid of so for the first week I attempted to be Pescatarian/ Vegetarian.

The first couple of days on my detox were very strange, unlike green tea I didn't feel replenished after drinking it but instead more sluggy/ lazy and very tired at times which isn't ideal when you are trying to motivate yourself to then get to the gym. During the first week for some strange reason I was feeling very sick to the stomach, like I wanted to vomit after drinking both the night and day time teas. After a few days of being on the detox that sick feeling fortunately went away but still to this day, I have no reason why it made me feel the way it did. The toilet activities that I had heard everyone raving about with this teatox weren't nearly as frequent with me; again I have no idea why and it could literally just be me but yeah, nothing was happening for me in that department and only did when I ate over my calorie in-take. After my 2 weeks were up I noticed a very, and I mean very small difference in my stomach and nothing else. I had lost maybe around 3 pounds being on this and to be completely honest for the price, I genuinely think that drinking green tea 2-3 times a day and eating healthy along with my exercise worked a lot better for me.

For a possibly expensive price, you are paying £20 for the hype of a new product that has gone viral and is endorsed by celebrities. Without a doubt I am not saying that this product doesn't contain fantastic ingredients for the body but for me personally, drinking green/ white tea in conjunction with my healthy eating and exercise achieves better results for me and makes me feel a lot better and energised. Again, I am not here to offend anyone, this is an opinion based on a personal experience and while it may not have worked brilliantly for me, it could be completely different for you. So there it is guys!


  1. Good to get an honest opinion on this because i have wanted to try it for a while! Think i will avoid doing that now! :) xx

    1. It's worth a try, but just see how you get on with green tea first- simply because it's quite pricey! X